If you have questions not included on this list, please feel free to talk to us directly. Let’s sort things out. Give us a call.

Like any other festivals, it is important you’ve brought all your essentials. Pack your picture-ready festival outfits and don’t forget your warm clothes to sleep in. Bring your own pillow, blanket, and a handy flashlight or torch for a better campsite experience. Ready your cameras too. And while the rave just to be safe, make sure you’ve packed your condoms and pills.

Upon arriving at the campsite, you will see pre-erected tents. These will be your sleeping quarters for the entire festival period. Each guest has a designated tent upon successful registration, so there’s really no need to come dashing through and marking your own territories.

Each tent has foam mats and sleeping bags. It is important you bring your own pillows and blankets, as well as any other important tools for your camping experience.

Some amenities offered in our campsite include dining areas and cafes, little supermarkets, vending machines, WiFi-ready area, charging stations, laundry facilities, and spacious, comfortable rooms and showers.

Facilities like showers and laundry services may require you to purchase a token from the reception area. But don’t worry as they are priced affordably. You just need to secure your tokens beforehand if you wish to avail any of these on-site benefits.

We have tents good for two people and teepees that can accommodate a group of eight. If you’re raving with a group of 3, one of you will be paired with a solo guest or a new friend of the same sex.

In case you want some privacy – especially when you’re expecting to meet someone great at the festival and spend some action at night – you can have the tent all by yourself, offered at a small additional fee.

Since all our tents are limited, we incorporate a first come first serve basis. They are all subject to availability. Thus, it’s best to inform us of your accommodation preferences beforehand. This way, we can help meet your needs and book you with a tent to your liking.

Unfortunately, we do not have shuttles or transport services for guests. The festival site is a well-known location in the region, and everyone can easily access it through any forms of public transportation. You may check our “How to Get There” page for the address, find directions from the map, or ask some friendly locals for help.

If you’re traveling with your private cars, we have a spacious parking space for free. Guests are also free to come in and out of camp, whenever and wherever.

We are not responsible for any of your items. It is your duty to protect and keep your essentials safe during the festival. That’s why we encourage everyone to secure a locker on camp. This is to make sure your bags and other important belongings are in check as you rave heavily away from your tent.

We offer lockers for free. Just make sure to bring your own lock. Nevertheless, we will also be selling locks on-site for 5 euros.

Since our lockers are limited in number, we offer them on a first come first serve basis. Hurry and book your own locker now!

We have comfort rooms stationed conveniently on the campsite. We make sure to have them in sufficient number to avoid long queue lines and ensure your comfort and ease. The use of comfort rooms is free.

On the other hand, bathrooms and shower areas may come with a small fee. You need to purchase a token at the reception for 1 euro.