Things You Need to Do When You’ve Arrived at Your Festival Venue

So, you’ve finally arrived at your party destination. What now?

Here are things you need to do to make sure you’re all set! Let’s make this a weekend you’ll always remember:


1. Find the best camping spot.

tentFirst thing’s first: You need to secure the best tent location. This makes sure you’re comfortable on your stay. It also helps in making your experience better when you’ve got a great camping spot that’s convenient to most of the important stalls, shops, and rooms in the event. Avoid setting up tents near walkways.

Thus, it pays to arrive early at the venue. You can scout for a good tent venue. But if you already have a designated tent location, you can then look for it and prep up your private space before the party starts. You can arrange your bed and deposit your belongings to the locker room.

2. Get the right fuel.

You’ll be expected to use up tons of energy on the festival, so make sure you get the right fuel to pump up your game. Eat a balanced meal. Go for foods that are nutritious, healthy, and light. You don’t want to end up having a bad tummy from eating too much or getting faint spells from not eating properly. Bring some snacks if you can. You can also buy some treats at the counter.

3. Stay hydrated.drink

Since you’ll be expected to sweat a lot (from all the dancing and staying under the sun), you need to replenish all those water lost too. In events where booze is overflowing, proper hydration is one key to stay sober than usual. Also, it’s a great practice to keep your liver and kidney fully functional and well.

There are drinks packed with electrolytes, so make sure you’ve got your hands on them aside from those bottles of beer. You can also secure some electrolyte sachets early on where you can easily mix them with water.

4. Be sure to get some downtime.

Make time for sleep in your festival itinerary. Check the schedule or the lineup and catch your favorite artists, but also anticipate the time when you need to doze off. Keep track of time. You might be too overwhelmed by the whole party hard shenanigans that you forget you need a good night’s sleep too.

4 thoughts on “Things You Need to Do When You’ve Arrived at Your Festival Venue”

  1. Donell says:

    Your camping spot can make or break your festival experience. Choose wisely. If you are expecting tons of event guests, arrive at the venue earlier than others. At the last festival, I didn’t have any other choice than to place my tent near the comfort room. It was awful. I couldn’t get proper sleep.

  2. Kate says:

    I love this article. These are great reminders for both newbie and avid festival attendees. It is really easy to lose track of your ‘must-dos’ when you’re too anxious about the whole event. We all just want to have lots of fun and booze that we forget these essentials. Thank you for this. Good read!

  3. Jane says:

    I suggest you bring your own water and electrolyte drinks. Sometimes, these essentials are priced heavily at festival venues. If you want to save some bucks, make sure you’ve packed enough supplies to keep you hydrated all the time. I use electrolyte sachets most of the time since they’re easier to carry around. Staying hydrated is king!

  4. Greg says:

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